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The team behind Global Corporate have many years practical experience in debt, civil litigation, enforcement and insolvency. Between us, we have either overseen elements of, or been involved in, numerous high-profile corporate insolvency cases; as well as acted on a plentiful array of instructions ranging from the recovery of assets in Proceeds of Crime proceedings to the investigation and seizure of assets in a multi-million pound Carousel Fraud case with HMRC. Our director is an associate member of R3 (the Association of Business Recovery Professionals); and brings practical and well-founded advice to a wide range of personal and corporate insolvency scenarios.

We’re results-driven, which is why many of our clients can utilise our specialist debt recovery, insolvency & specialist enforcement services on a strict no win no fee basis.

We don’t believe in jargon, so we’ll get down to basics quickly and easily; and talk in a language that you’ll understand and appreciate. We have national and international reach, but with local knowledge. So whether you’re in Brighton or Barnsley, Brussels or Boston; we have the ability to handle your instructions rapidly and robustly.

We support a wide range of clients; from high net worth individuals and PLC’s to insolvency practitioners, accountants, external solicitor firms, SME’s, sole traders and pretty much everything inbetween. Whether your business operates from corporate headquarters or from your home office; you’ll receive the highest quality service from our experienced and pragmatic team.

And we achieve results. It’s why our clients come back to us time and time again.

Case Studies

The LPA Receiver

We were approached by an LPA Receiver who had been instructed by a secured lender in respect of a new build housing development of circa 20 detached properties.  The Receiver had attempted, unsuccessfully, to take possession of around 15 properties within the development. Unfortunately, he had been met with resistance from the Borrowers and some site contractors; and had been forced to withdraw and abandon his attempts.

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The Trustee in Bankruptcy

A bankrupt who had failed to co-operate with either the Official Receiver or the Trustee in Bankruptcy. No interview had been attended upon, all mail to the known address was being returned as un-delivered, no books records or papers had been surrendered, the address was inaccessible by traditional means, and the bankrupt was believed to be trading a business…

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The Interim Receiver

Our private client had previously attempted to enforce his outstanding CCJ against a debtor, but with little success. The debtor was hiding assets out of the reach of traditional enforcement methods, or placing vehicles in third party names to avoid seizure. The debtor resided in rented property, but lived an affluent lifestyle, arising from his trading in high-end motor vehicles.

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Provisional Liquidation

Our client had been appointed as Provisional Liquidator of a company that sold high-end motor vehicles, many of which belonged to third parties. The company director was engaged in highly unscrupulous business practices, and had been arrested for theft of vehicles. Many creditors were owed hundreds of thousands of pounds, and had lost their vehicles.

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Whether you’re a business needing debt recovery services, an insolvency practitioner looking for an experienced enquiry or enforcement agent, or a solicitor wishing to engage High Court Enforcement officers, process servers or enquiry agents; you’ll find our team to be focused, knowledgeable and commercially-minded.

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