Recovering clients’ money as if it were our own.



Recovering clients’ money as if it were our own.

Considerate of cost

If not carefully managed, the costs of recovery can sometimes outweigh the debt itself. Our team are mindful of not only the cost implications of debt recovery, but also the reputation and wider relationships that your business enjoys. For those reasons, together with plenty more, many businesses outsource their debt recovery functions to us.

We also understand that not all debts are worth pursuing – many factors must be taken into consideration. Whilst we always robustly protect your position, we will also carefully assess whether or not our actions will ultimately see you getting paid. We encourage our clients not to focus on the strength of their own case, but the ability of the debtor to pay; using our in-house investigatory teams to establish the likely asset position of the debtor before engaging in any form of debt recovery action.

Litigation ought to be considered as a last resort, and so our skilled team is experienced in both negotiation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). This ensures that not only do we avoid court proceedings wherever possible, but we also comply with all relevant debt recovery protocols.

Debt Sale

For clients wishing to see an immediate return, we are always pleased to consider the outright purchase of your debt/claim. This involves us paying you an immediate percentage of the value of the debt, and you then assigning the debt or claim to us.

Many clients find that this gives them the ability to “close the door” on a particular matter, relieves some of the pressure involved, and brings some financial relief.

If you’d like to sell your debt or claim to us, please get in touch for a no-obligation chat and assessment of the case.

Commercial & Residential Tenancy Arrears/Claims

We have a proven track record of providing successful outcomes to our property clients who are seeking to recover historical rent arrears or damage/dilapidation claims in respect of both commercial and residential properties.

From absconded tenants and guarantor claims to commercial entities in insolvency or pursuing personal guarantees against directors, we’re experienced and results driven. We are happy to handle these cases on either a No Win No Fee basis, or alternatively we will consider buying the debt from you outright. Contact us for an informal chat about the best option for you.

If you’d like to receive our brochure, which give more information on our debt recovery & purchase services, simply message us via the Contact Form.

How we work

As each case & client is different, we treat them as such. We offer a wide range of debt recovery options, including pre-action letters, litigation through the County or High Courts, insolvency proceedings, or even mediation & alternative dispute resolution. Unlike other firms, we also have a dedicated in-house enforcement team. This means that our staff not only consider the case as it currently appears; but are also forward-thinking in terms of effective enforcement methods further down the line. Bringing all elements of the legal process together under one roof is unique to Global Corporate; something that we’re very proud of, and something that you will undoubtedly benefit from.

We have total flexibility in terms of costs, and so we’ll work with you to find a solution that suits. Whether you’re instructing us on a one-off debt, or outsourcing much more, with Global Corporate you can be sure that legal costs will not be a barrier to effective enforcement and recovery.

To find out why we’re regularly instructed by clients ranging from big-business names to the smallest sole trader; contact us today for a no-obligation chat.

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Whether you’re a business needing debt recovery services, an insolvency practitioner looking for an experienced enquiry or enforcement agent, or a solicitor wishing to engage High Court Enforcement officers, process servers or enquiry agents; you’ll find our team to be focused, knowledgeable and commercially-minded.

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