A dedicated team of experienced professionals


The SEU is a dedicated team of experienced professionals, working across England & Wales, supporting:

  • Insolvency practitioners
  • Solicitors & Barristers
  • Public Bodies, Local & National Government
  • Copyright & Brand Holders

The Unit was developed, and is operated by, Global Corporate Solutions; using only the most experienced and diligent staff and agents; who have shown themselves to be beyond reproach time after time.


Whilst the Unit recognises the outstanding results and professionalism that many High Court Enforcement companies provide when enforcing possession and monetary writs, it is also recognised that those agents often lack experience and knowledge in the difficult legislative areas surrounding, in particular, insolvency and brand copyright.

If you’re an insolvency practitioner or legal professional considering, for instance, making an application for the appointment of a Provisional Liquidator or Interim Receiver; you need to be sure that you’re armed with the most up to date information available. Through many years of working with local police forces, and mounting surveillance operations, the SEU can be tasked in advance of an application to undertake discreet “on the ground” investigations and surveillance; meaning that your application is as intelligence-led and factually-based as is possible.

Such surveillance and investigations are undertaken with a focus on the end result; meaning our staff are looking out for not only general information; but specifics that will be of use to the legal team or the insolvency practitioner. Our detailed witness statements have been successfully used by Counsel and IP’s on numerous occasions when applying for even the most draconian of Orders.

Timing and planning are everything; and we have a proven track record in the timely, safe and successful execution of orders relating to provisional liquidation and interim receiver appointments; in addition to Search & Seizure Warrants issued under s.365, s.366 or general provisions of the Insolvency Act.

Sufficient and experienced manpower can be deployed alongside appraisers, removal & recovery contractors, locksmiths and a whole host of ancillary services where required. The SEU team is always led by an experienced Enforcement Agent and member of the Association of Business Recovery Professionals; with additional manpower being a blend of our duly authorised Enforcement Agents and Enforcement Support staff. Tactical support from the local Police can be sought where it is prudent to do so; providing not only an added layer of reassurance to the client, but also further assurance to any third parties that the operation was carried out legally, safely and in accordance with the law.

Costs ambiguity and lack of funds in an estate are often key considerations to clients when considering whether to make and proceed with an application. Enforcement costs can be sizeable, and we know only too well that office holders and even private clients are concerned about funding. To this end, we will often work with those instructing us to find a mutually-acceptable billing arrangement; even going so far ad to offer wholly contingent services in many cases.

There are countless ways that the SEU can assist office holders and their legal teams; for more information please contact us today for an informal discussion.

Brand Copyright Issues and Civil Search (Anton Piller) Orders

The SEU can also assist brand/copyright holders in much the same way as it does the insolvency profession. Surveillance, test purchasing, research, investigations and other forms of evidence gathering are often so crucial to obtaining the best possible end result. To that end, our surveillance operatives are sourced from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures; ensuring that we have the “right fit” for even the most challenging of assignment.

We can also provide agents to assist supervising or applicant solicitors in the diligent and sensitive execution of Civil Search Orders. These orders, described as the “nuclear weapon of the law” by Donaldson LJ, are sought and obtained in only the most serious of cases, and as such must be executed with great care, attention to detail and sensitivity. Our experienced officers can assist in even the most difficult or time sensitive of cases; and are ready to deploy anywhere in England & Wales at short notice.

There are various ways that the SEU can assist it’s clients; many of which are not mentioned herein. If you think that we may be able to bring value or experience to your issue, please contact us today for a confidential and without obligation discussion.


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