Shotguns? What Shotguns?!

Our specialist enforcement team was recently jointly tasked by an insolvency practitioner to attend at a rural residential address and seize four high value shotguns. Our instructing client sought possession resulting from his appointment as Trustee in Bankruptcy of the owner of the firearms.

After a careful planning process in consultation with the local police force, our team duly attended at the address early one morning and without notice. For us, this was a safety critical operation. Ensuring the safety of the bankrupt, his family, the general public and of course the police officers and our own staff who were in attendance, was our primary goal and concern. Although the individual was not home at the time of our attendance, we did manage to gain entry to the property and, after some resistance and obstruction offered by a family member, we subsequently gained access to the secure gun cabinet. Imagine our shock and surprise to find that only parts of each firearm were inside. It transpired that the bankrupt had anticipated that his prized firearms may be seized, and had taken steps to break them down into parts, and hide the various parts in other locations and properties. This was a clear attempt by the bankrupt to place his assets beyond the reach of his creditors; not to mention the fact that it was also highly illegal from firearms licence point of view.

Working closely with the police, a thorough investigation ensued; resulting in the various missing pieces being located and seized. The individual concocted various stories and explanations that sought to cover his actions, but these ultimately failed to convince the authorities. One man was subsequently charged with various firearms offences, and at the time of publishing this article, is awaiting trial.

Prospective clients should note that this operation was carried out on an entirely contingent basis; with our fees ultimately being discharged as and when the bankruptcy estate was in funds.

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